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La Pantera 100.7fm 1220am Radio Station Washington DC
La Pantera 100.7fm 1220am Radio Station Washington DC
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con Pedro Biaggi

Monday-Friday 6a-10a

El Show de Chiquibaby

con Stephanie Himonidis

Monday-Friday 10a-2p


Community Show

Monday-Friday 2p-3p

Wash N Wear


José Ramón Bravo Tonin

Monday-Friday 3p-7p

Uforia Countdown Show

con Jackie Guerrido

Saturday 12n-1p


Monday-Friday 6a-10a 

A morning show like no other, Encendío with Pedro Biaggi, brings you the fiery energy your morning desires every day. This show provides you with the best and most up-to-date information on MUSIC, ART, ENTERTAINMENT, POLITICS, HEALTH, SPORTS, COMMUNITY, WEATHER, TRAFFIC, and LIFE CHANGING STORIES and EVENTS! His passion for political actions and laws that impact the community translates into his social work in the Washington D.C. area communities. The show’s mission is to serve our listeners through our unique content that will impact our audience. We want to be your daily motivation to start your day. Pa'lante!!!

La Pantera 100.7fm 1220am Radio Station Washington DC
La Pantera 100.7fm 1220am Radio Station Washington DC



Monday-Friday 10a-2p

Omg! Moments

What’s trending NOW. The top stories the world is watching from her modern woman perspective. Speaking her mind and not holding back, she gives her take on current news

Lifestyle | Beauty | Food

All the latest and trendiest insights on beauty, health, style, fashion, food, and much more! She gives you all the tips of must-haves in your closet, purse, home, and best places to dine.

Entertainment | Celebs

Having established relationships with all the A-list celebs, she gets exclusive access and interviews with all the music artists and famous stars at all red-carpet events.

Movie Reviews

Talks of the upcoming must-see new movies with her list of favorites. She gives you her reviews on the films and who did amazing roles. In addition to new films available to watch from home.

Sports Bitz

Sports insider from beyond the field. What is happening inside the lives of athletes, how they do it, and where they are. Giving you an inside look of the athlete behind the jersey from a female perspective on a male.

Inside Chiquibaby

Chiquibaby let’s us in to her daily life with highlights of her day, what she did and didn’t do, sharing her personal anecdotes showing she is isn’t different from the ordinary woman and new mom.




Monday-Friday 2p-3p 

Be in the know of all the current and upcoming events happening in the Washington D.C. area with your host Pedro Biaggi. He interviews all of our local Washington D.C. organizations to provide information on how we can help. Local government leaders, legal experts, and more visit the show to answer questions from our audience.  We give our Latino community the chance to get their important questions answered on ongoing issues in the country that affect our people.

Entérate everyday with Pedro Biaggi! 

La Pantera 100.7fm 1220am Radio Station Washington DC
La Pantera 100.7fm 1220am Radio Station Washington DC



Monday-Friday 3p-7p 

If you need an afternoon pick-me-up, Wash N Wear is your go-to. José Ramón Bravo Tonin delivers that electric vigor to your afternoon drive. He is a dynamic force with his lively and upbeat personality that his audience can't get enough of. His show has the perfect mix of the latest music, humor, news, and entertainment. His interaction with his audience on the air and at in-person events is what José Ramón loves the most to make that great connection with the community.



Monday-Friday 8p-9p 

This 2022 FIFA World Cup, the station to listen to your favorite games is WFAX La Pantera 100.7 FM. We live and breathe the best in FUTBOL and want to bring those important matchups right to you! All your favorite teams can be heard on La Pantera DC 100.7 FM with Fùtbol de Primera.

La Pantera 100.7fm 1220am Radio Station Washington DC



Saturdays 12n-1 p 

The Uforia Weekend Countdown highlights and showcases the best of Spanish Urban and Tropical Music, News and the World of Fashion and Entertainment.  In addition to the top Music Billboards, the show follows what’s popular and trending topics.    


The Host Jackie Guerrido was born on September 24, 1972, and raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico. She moved to the Bronx in New York where she studied acting and production.  

Guerrido has always aspired to be a great woman, and keeping her vision of success was her main priority. Although life in New York City was difficult, she made sure she reached her destination. When Jackie moved to Miami in 1997, she studied journalism at the University of Miami, A mother of two, her top priority is her children, focusing on her career and most of all sharing her secrets to success and serving as an inspiration of motivation and strength.